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Nintendo DSi repair update

The Nintendo DS series made an instant impact since the launch of the original Nintendo DS model. The DS Lite saw a slimmer, brighter console along with a host of other new features. The Nintendo DSi though takes the DS Series to the next level. With even bigger, brighter screens, two cameras and the ability to add new software the DSi is way ahead of the DS. Lite.

Nintendo DSi screen repairs are common as the LCD's are bigger and thus more likely to be hit if the DSi suffers a drop or fall. The DSi case is seemingly much stronger on the right hinge than the DS Lite. Nintendo opted to mould the hinge instead of having it screw in place and this seems to have halted the stream of customers needing a shell replacement.

Nintendo DSi consoles imported from Japan cannot be changed to English, Nintendo DSi games can still display English Instructions or 'talk' in English but the DSi menu and settings will remain unreadable to most UK customers. The Nintendo DSi also suffers from freezing problems, we receive many DSi repair requests for frozen consoles. It seems that the demand on the ARM processor can be too much for the console to cope.

DSi repairs to the Slot 1 card reader continue to be a common DSi repair. The copper pins are easy to bend or damage causing games to be unread. The Nintendo DSi card reader currently has two additional side pins that are not present on the DS Lite. They do no currently do anything but offer a hint toward a new Nintendo DSi game in the making??

Nintendo DSi repairs are available on both our websites, VideoGameRepairs.co.uk and DSi-Doctor.co.uk which is our dedicated Nintendo DSi repair site or microsite!

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