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Nintendo DS repairs

DS repairs have been in high demand since the introduction of the early model Nintendo DS. While it was a bulky console it still suffered from many problems which were only worsened by the introduction of the later Nintendo DS Lite. DS Lite repairs started being conducted in record time - one customer within the first week of its launch!

The main problems requiring a ds repair were the top right hinge. This would often crack causing the top section of the Nintendo DS to become 'floppy' and not lock into position. Whether these problems occured due to bad design or just heavy use & abuse remains undecided as far as we at VideoGameRepairs.co.uk are concerned. Especially given the number of ds repairs that were conducted on broken LCD screens. A cracked LCD screen cannot be attributed to the design of the console!

This is quite a different matter when it comes to DS Lite Repairs. VGR believes that they have seen somewhere in the region of 10 times more ds lites for 'ds repair' than the original Nintendo DS. While the DS Lite has sold far more units than the number of original Nintedo DS', the number of DS repairs is not relative. The DS Lite came with a slimmer, sleeker look at brighter screens etc but it also brought with it a massive design fault.

The right-hand hinge of the Nintendo DS Lite has been the subject of much discussion on the web. While Microsoft extended their warranty on the Xbox 360 to 3 years when they realised their mistake, causing the now famous 'Red ring of death (RROD)', Nintendo show no signs of admitting fault with their otherwise fantastic console.

The problem is, and why we conduct so many Nintendo DS repairs is that the right hinge takes all of the force when the DS Lite is put into postion for playing. Acting like a lever when opening or closing, the small internal hinge pulls the hinge cover up & away from the lower faceplate. In time this pressure causes the surrounding plastic to snap and the console will no longer lock in to position.

Most DS repairs are 'case replacements' to resolve this problem... somewhere in the region of 80% of all DS Lites we receive! Costing around £39.99 most customers opt for a custom colour for a different look as well as a DS repair.

Those that catch the problem early are wise! Many DS repair requests now also include the need for a new top lcd screen too. Why? when the right hand hinge breaks it leaves the very delicate ribbon cable running through the left hinge open to damage. If damaged or torn in any way the top screen will cease to function. Many customers report coloured lines on the top lcd screen, others that it lights up but does not display a picture. For the most though, who leave their DS repair and opt for a temporary fix with tape or glue find that eventually the Nintendo DS will not work at all..."It flashes on then off again".

The only way that we can offer these DS repairs is to replace the top screen as well as the outer case, two of the major components of the DS Lite. This service is offered at a reduced rate!

In our opinion, although not backed by Nintendo, Nintendo have attempted to resolve this problem with the introduction of the DSi which boasts a stronger, moulded right-hand hinge. Whether it will survive the test of time remains to be seen. For now, watch this space!

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